Cycles of Life Family Counseling
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Our Vision

At Cycles of Life Family Counseling, we help with life transitions; young adults struggling to launch successfully and adults making corrections at home and work.

How we do this is by helping people become more assertive, direct and confident. We want each person with whom we collaborate to eventually work us out of a job. Preventing future stressors from causing setbacks is one of our goals. How we choose to do this is by taking a solution-focused approach, and regaining those skills of creativity and inventiveness that become shut down when things get too big to bring to a close.

Our Focus

We work in the types of therapy that address overwhelming emotions undercutting feelings of worthiness and self-love, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, and relationship dynamics causing consistent conflict. Bringing awareness to dysfunctional processes and encouraging movement with assistance are the supports in which we specialize.

We are located within the historic Barton House in Redlands.

 About Ryan

  • Therapist and owner at Cycles of Life Family Counseling

  • Former Adjunct Professor at La Sierra University

  • Guest lecturer at South Coast Community Services and the Art Institute of San Bernardino

  • Board member of the Inland Empire California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (IE-CAMFT).

  • Member of Team Redlands and Allied-Breiter Law; a race-specific team focused on giving back to our community.



“Ryan did an amazing job in our family counseling sessions, helping us reach our goals quickly and helping everyone to express themselves in a healthy manner. We all agreed that we would recommend him to others.”

“I began therapy last year, and by being diligent with the readings and sessions, things have improved vastly in my life. Mr. Voth is a great life coach, he has taught me methods of dealing with my emotions and becoming less reactive. I am very thankful for all of his support and advice. I highly recommend him.”

“Ryan is such an amazing therapist! He truly cares about his clients and connects with them. I never feel patronized or belittled, as I have felt with other therapists in the past. Ryan affirms my positive beliefs and helps me to recalibrate negative thoughts from my anxiety. He is an interesting person and a kind hearted therapist. I would highly recommend to anyone in my area looking for quality mental health care!!!”

“Ryan is a great therapist. He is a great listener and offers great ideas. He mades suggestions that I had never thought about before. He allows you to decompress from life and re-focus on what is really important. I would highly recommend him.”


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